About Switekautomation.com

Launched in 2019, Switekautomation.com is a platform for global industrial automation talents to share the information and technology.

Our Mission

As part of the Guang Dong SWITEK Technology Co., Ltd. Our mission is to have the talents of industrial automation worldwide working together to Change the World With Smart Process Manufacturing Technology.
We do this by giving automation solution providers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products; helping entrepreneurs find machinery and solutions necessary for their development; helping the machinery users to find localized technical support when necessary; helping the industrial automation talents have a brainstorm with their fraternity worldwide; helping the engineers to find the enterprise nearby who is in need of their service.

One-Stop Sourcing

Switekautomation.com brings you the machinery, parts, material, solutions & services related to industrial automation.
Industrial talents worldwide are welcomed to share their talent and information.

Anytime, Anywhere

As a platform, we continue to develop services to help the entrepreneurs and industrial automation talents to do more and discover new opportunities.
Where it’s sourcing from your mobile phone or contacting engineers in their local language for after service or consultation, turn to Switekautomation.com for all your industrial automation needs.