IML, The Elegant Dancers at Plast Eurasia 2019
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IML,The Elegant Dancers at Plast Eurasia 2019
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PlastEurasia 2019, Find out the Difference Between Chinese and Turkish IML Solutions

As someone from SWITEK, one of the leadingIML Solution provider in China, the IML Solution will always attract myattention at any fair at which I’m visiting, it’s not exception in PlastEurasia 2019. Although there’re so many exciting injection automation solutionsavailable, but the most attractive to me is still IML.


Maybe it’s since K-show 2016 started byDemag with a 4 cavities 110g Yogurt cups IML solution at a cycle time of 1.6s;SWITEK/Yizumi follow up at K-Show 2019 at a cycle time of 2.1s; we find thesame solution at Plast Eura2019 by BMB at a cycle time around 1.7s, attractedhundreds of visitors watching their demonstration. But how to balance the speedfrom stability? And why is the price of SWITEK IML Solution different so muchfrom its European counterparts?

From Chinaplas to K-show to Plast Eurasia,I spent a lot of time in studying the different IML Solutions on show and findsomething truly interesting.


 · The European IML Solution is muchfaster than the Made in China Solution.

 · The European IML Solution has 2vacuum generators in their highspeed system.

 · The structure of European IMLSolution is much more complex than its counter parts made in China.

 · The cost of European IMLSolution is around 3~4 times of its Chinese counter parts, if has visual unitinclude, the difference  could be much higher.

 · In China, if someone investedan IML Solution with a productivity of around 100,000pcs of ice cream cupslids, he’s

   expected to earn his money back in about 6~8 month. I don’t know how’sthe situation in Europe but it seems not possible in China.

Anyway, it’ll back to the topic which wementioned above, which would be more important while planning to invest in IML business?Productivity or cost? Speed or reliability? It’s a question which is importantto both the investor and the IML System designer.