China Top Injection Machinery Manufacturer Show Up Plast Eurasia
December 06 ,2019 editor in  6
Plast Eurasia 2019, Chinese Injection Manufacturersare Approaching the Center of The Stage
Across Asia & Europe, Meet Your ChineseInjection Machinery Suppliers at Plast Eurasia 2019
From High Speed Injection Molding Machineto Injection Robot, Chinese Injection Molding Machinery Manufacturers Are Playinga More and More Important Role in Global Injection Molding Automation Market.

Day two of Plast Eurasia 2019 visiting.There’re so many high light spots to share with friends for there’re so manynew technology and material in plastic industrial which is changing our life. Butwhat I want to share is that Chinese injection molding machinery manufactureris playing a more and more important role in global market.

Since the first domestic made injection moldingmachine put on market 5 decades ago, for a long time the Made in Chinainjection molding machine are regarded cheap & in poor quality and would bealways used in the less demanding project. But just like what happened in manyother industries, the Chinese manufacturer are narrowing the gap between themand their international counterparts not only technically but also service andmarketing. In Plast Eurasia 2019 Hall 2, we find 4 out of the top 10 injectionmolding machine manufacturers from China (Haitian, Yizumi, Borche and Tederic),and in Hall 12 we found another two top 10 players AoTai & LS. After around50 years’ initial technical, talent and capital accumulation, Chinese injectionmachinery manufacturer is getting more and more confident to joint the globalmarket competition.

In Plast Eurasia 2019, we also found thatunlike their seniors, the young generation of China Injection molding machinerymanufacturing enterprise directors are more focused in their subdivision althoughthey all have a vast production coverage. Like HaiTian, the No.1 injectionmolding machine manufacturer in China, is competitive in all-electric injectionmolding machine; Yizumi, the No.2 injection molding machine manufacturer inChina, their high speed thin wall container injection solution is overwhelming,and Borche is famous for their two plates injection molding scheme. Although comparedto their International Seniors, there is still a long way to go, but in theirsubdivision, they’re showing their strength.