Preparing For ChinaPlas 2019, SWITEK IML System For Yizumi Booth Produced The First Sample Successfully
September 26 ,2019 editor in charge:Carmi.CC  5

SWITEK is dedicating to the preparation of Chinaplas 2019, all IML Robots for partners had been delivered. The one for YIZUMI booth # 3.1F41 had been installed successfully with the first sample produced at Yizumi FoShan Factory.


Since the first IML system put on market in 2009, SWITEK had never stop the study of new technology in IML. The in mold time of SWITEK high speed IML system had be shortened to 0.8s only in the demonstration of 4 cavities one-off cups IML production with Yizumi high speed injection molding machine PAC200 at ChinaPlas 2018. In the on coming Chinaplas 2019, SWITEK  high speed IML system will once again work with Yizumi high speed injection molding machine PAC200 for a shorter cycle time to help our clients achieve a better profit out of the same investment. Although the mold had been changed from the 4 cavities one off cups to the 4 cavities Youghurt cups.

In the past 365 days. Engineers from Yizumi continued to analyze the performance of PAC200 with SWITEK high speed IML System SW833-18 during their global  exhibition tour in 2018 and optimize its structure and program. At the same time, the engineers of SWITEK R&D department also keep optimizing the structure and program of SWITEK High speed IML System SW833-18. Both parties are sharing the same goal, to produce a new record in the production of small size IML container.

PAC-K Series is the high speed injection molding machine designed by Yizumi for the producing of thin wall containers at a higher speed. As one of the representative high speed injection molding machine with a clamping force 200T, PAC-200K has the advantages of high precision with high efficiency.  The VxWorks realtime operating system and patented 200us hardware switching technology ensured the injection precision of PAC200. Also to be mentioned is the high rigidity clamping unit of PAC200 which help to minimize the deformation of platens and makes the injection molding machine perfectly qualified for thin-walled parts with strict requirements. With the high-rigidity clamping unit, the stress is well distributed to the mold which will better protect the mold. The optimized toggles will also make the mold opening and closing smoother. 

The other feature to mention is that the injection unit of PAC200 is a single-cylinder injection system. This structure is compact with little inertia. It will notably increase the injection precision. The high strength base frame of PAC200 will also enhance the stability of it in during operating. 


Back from 2018 global exhibition tour, the matching between SWITEK high speed IML System and Yizumi high speed injection molding machine PAC200 is even better. The performance of them in ChinaPlast 2019 are expectable. A higher speed IML System with thousands of US dollar discount is waiting for you at Chinaplas 2019 booth #12.1R21.