Rectangular 3 Faces Rectangular IML Ice Cream Cups
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Rectangular 3 Faces Rectangular IML Ice Cream Cups

Ice Cream Cups IML Solution

  • Product Origin:China

  • Brand:SWITEK

  • Item No.:3 Faces IML Cups

  • Shipping Port:SHENZHEN

  • Lead Time:75Days

Product Details

Advantages of SWITEK Side Entry 4 Cavities Rectangular Ice Cream Cups 3 Faces IML Solution

1. Modular design, easy for upgrading: The magazine, the stacking unit and the mandral of the side entry 4 cavities rectangular ice cream cups 3 face IML system are modular designed and is convenient to be replaced for IML production of different products. 

2. High efficiency: SWITEK side entry 4 cavities rectangular ice cream cups  3 faces IML system will finish the label input, cups picking and stacking in around 5.5~6 s. It's an efficient side entry 3 faces IML solution

3. Easy maintenance: All the key components such as servo motor, slider, drag etc. are world renowned brand and available around you for replacement. 

Measurement of the rectangular ice cream cups

The Layout of the mold

The specification of the mold

Shot Weight (PS)
Clamping Force (kN)
Opening Stroke (mm)
Platen Size (mm)
Space Between Tie-bars
Mold Thickness (Min.-Max.)
Dimensions (L x W x H)

The specification of the injection molding machine

Mould Base
Cavity & Core
Guarantee Mould Life (Short)
Hardening Process
Injection Way

The specification of the IML System

Recommended IMM (Ton)200~300
Traverse Stroke(mm)1700
Vertical Stroke(mm)500
Crosswise Stroke(mm)90/90
Traverse Drive 4 Axial AC servo
Take Out Time(Sec)/
Dry Cycle Time(Sec)/
Working Pressure(kgf/cm^2)5~7
Air Consumption(NL/cycle)1.8
Max Load (kg)15
Net Weight(kg)/
Gross Weight(kg)/
Size (L x W x H) mm2400x1700x1770