In-mold Labeling Boxes Enhance Takeaway Industry Brand Image
July 14 ,2020 editor in  0

23.9 Million Orders are Traded Every Day, How to Stand Out from Many Takeaway Brands.

Platform Competition, In-mold Labeling Boxes Help Catering Companies to Enhance Their Brand Image.

On the cloud live summit of 7th China takeaway Industry Development Conference, the survey data of the "China's takeaway industry development report in 2019 and the first half of 2020" , the scale of China takeaway industry in 2019 was 653.6 billion yuan, an increase of 39.3%. The average daily transaction volume of Meituan is up to 23.9 million.

In 2019, the coverage rate of the take-out industry reached 14.0%, and the take-out consumers accounted for 53.9% of my country's urban permanent population.


From data, we can see from the the food takeaway industry is hot, but in 2019, there is also a conflict between Meituan and the merchants-commission.

The higher commissions make it difficult for many merchants to survive; and the operating cost platform is also in trouble.From 49.1 billion in 2015 to 653.6 billion in 2019, China's takeaway industry has tripled in just 5 years.Today, customers can choose their favorite food on the takeaway platform, the merchant has everything. The focus of businesses now is whether they can keep customers, whether your customers yesterday will still remember you tomorrow.

The epidemic in 2020 will be a cold winter for many catering companies; and for traditional catering companies, the takeaway platform may mean a colder winter for them.

With the upgrading of consumption, 65.7% of consumers have a clear brand preference for takeaway. Among them, as many as 26.9% of consumers have obviously biased to 1-2 brand merchants. This means that merchants have to meet highly competitive takeaway platform. They must have a unique high-recognition visual identity image, which has become the No.1 in the mind of those 26.9%.

Currently, the in-mold labeling technology is one of the most widely used and mature technology for personalized takeaway packaging production process. The personalized packaging container is produced by placing pre-printed labels into the mold for injection molding, to produce the corporate visual identity image.


Switek SW8 series in-mould stick robot can efficiently produce all kinds of cups, bowls, fast food boxes and lids and other products, the majority of takeaway packaging companies to harvest high-end customers in the takeaway market quickly, and create value for customers.