Surprisingly Yogurt Sales, SWITEK IML Systerm Face Opportunities
June 23 ,2020 editor in  0

Yogurt, with its unique health, slimming effect and successful entertainment marketing, has quickly become popular among young people. In recent years, yogurt is popular with the improvement of living standards and health awareness in China.Data show that in 2019 China's dairy sales reached 419.6 billion, of which yogurt accounted for the highest 36%.



Statistics show that Chinese normal temperature yogurt market sales in 2018 were about 38 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52%, and it is expected to continue to expand in 2020.


Yogurt sales are increasing year by year, there is a huge market behind-yogurt packaging. As consumers pay more and more attention to the design of food packaging, businesses also require product packaging to be unique and create product selling points. Therefore, the use of in-mold labeling yogurt cups is becoming more and more widely, thus improving the in-mold labeling machinery Demand.

In-mold labeling technology has been used in food packaging such as yogurt cups as early as a decade ago. In recent years,  the production and sales of in-mold yogurt cups have explodedbecause the reduction of equipment production costs and the improvement of product yields. At the same time, due to the strong market demand, the application of new processes and technologies has further improved the production efficiency and stability of the new generation of in-mold systems. Switek new-generation in-mold labeling system has achieved a major breakthrough in in-mold time and label replenishment methods compared to the previous generation.