Toolcen Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
June 12 ,2020 editor in  4

 Toolcen Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service.

Toolcen develops and produces single-axis, two-axis, three-axis, and five-axis servo injection molding machines and further develops and produces IML in-mold labeling system, IMD in-mold insert system, PET preform. The application of special manipulators for side picking, as well as cutting robots for CNC lathes, loading and unloading robots for CNC machining centers, punch-forging robots, and multi-joint robots provide professional intelligent equipment for the automation industry.


IML in-mold labeling system, IMD in-mold insert system, special robot for PET preform side picking, as well as CNC lathe blanking robot, CNC machining center loading and unloading robot, punch-forging robot, and multi-joint robot are used in the automation industry. Toolcen's main products include high-speed robots, IML in-mold embedded robots, CNC machine tool loading and unloading robots, industry-specific robtos, industrial automation robots, industrial automation integration, injection molding machine robots, jig applications, fork spoons and folding robots, N95 masks machine.

Among them, high-speed servo robots and multi-axis servo dual-arm robots can be used for fast-food containers packaging. The square-shaped  fast-food containers take-out and stacking automation program takes the five-axis servo robot as the core, which the series of automatic solutions for the robot to take out the product from the injection molding machine and place the product. The robot itself has the characteristics of easy system operation and installation, easy maintenance, and long service life of the robot products. The automation solution can help production enterprises save 90% of labor costs, increase production efficiency by 15%, effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees.


Explosive products of Toolcen also include IML in-mold labeling system. IML can be used not only to store and complete the labeling and automatic stacking of cold spoon lids for storage spoons, but also to the automatic production line for in-mold spoon lid assembly.  In the production process, two operators are responsible for placing the molded blank into the designated position of the automatic labeling line, and the other two employees in the next process place the disposable spoon on the lid. Automatic labeling system completes labeling operations. The daily output can reach 120,000 to 140,000 pieces, which can fully meet the daily supply demand of large-scale cold beverage companies during the peak sales season.

The automation solution can help production enterprises save 90% of labor costs, increasing production efficiency by 15%, reducing the labor intensity of employees effectively.